another code recollection
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Experience the thrill of Another Code; Recollection with the released demo accessible on the Nintendo eShop. This collection of point and click adventures is set to captivate gamers with its storyline and upgraded features.

Embark on a journey in the demo, which showcases the opening chapter of Another Code; Two Memories—the installment of two captivating stories in Another Code; Recollection. If you’re familiar with the Nintendo DS system you might recognize this adventure as a revitalized version of Trace Memory.

Step into the shoes of Ashley, an orphan who receives a letter from her presumed dead father. This letter sets off a chain of mysteries leading Ashley to venture to the Blood Edward Island in search of answers. Immerse yourself in her tale as it begins during this demo and seamlessly continue your progress when you purchase the game. Get a glimpse into the challenges that lie ahead leaving you intrigued by what encounters await on the side.

Another Code: Recollection features two enhanced mystery adventures, including an unreleased sequel, in North America.

Explore the depths of history. Uncover secrets, in both games. You’ll discover enhancements, immersive environments to explore fresh voice acting, intriguing puzzles to solve and a captivating soundtrack. For those, to adventure games we’ve also included hints and navigation systems to lend a helping hand.

Set to launch on January 19 2024 Another Code: Recollection, for the Nintendo Switch offers an captivating gaming adventure.

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