About Us

Hello! I am Anurag, Founder of GlobalFeedz. I am a passionate explorer of the latest technology and related things. That’s why I founded GlobalFeedz.

GlobalFeedz has the aim of reaching millions around worldwide who are eager to stay in touch with daily updates related to AI and technological advancements. We have aim to take a prominent position in the web market. We ensure that all the users of our portal do not carried away from the truth.

We are prompt in responding to any event by collecting first hand data. Personal interviews of concerned people of that event or incident reinforce the fabric of the information not to say our questionnaires are very yielding.

We are updating the news promptly and swiftly keeping the net users updated with the latest news. Presently, we are providing latest updates regarding new AI tools, AI facts and news related to technology and AI.

We provide a platform to the viewers as the most respected and trusted source for news and information. Our news portal has been designed in the most convenient manner so as to locate the desired content instantly.

With the visitors growing leaps and bounds with each new day the no. of pages viewed in the portal increasing. GlobalFeedz is always here to provide most trusted news.